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Sunday Hains Point Doubles (Fall 2014)

  • 21 Sep 2014
  • 28 Dec 2014
  • East Potomac Tennis Center (Hains Point)


  • 4 weeks of play in the Sunday Hains Point Doubles League (Fall 2014)
  • 8 weeks of play in the Sunday Hains Point doubles league (Fall 2014)
  • 12 weeks of play in the Sunday Hains Point doubles league (Fall 2014)

Sunday Hains Point Doubles, 5-7pm (higher-ranked) & 7-9pm (lower-ranked)

This 15-week league can be purchased in packages of 4, 8, and 12-week sessions.

For the Fall 2014 league, the higher-ranked players each week based on level and stats will play from 5-7pm, while the lower-ranked players will play from 7-9pm.  This will swap for the Winter 2015 league, when lower-ranked players will play from 5-7pm and higher-ranked players from 7-9pm.  Each year, CTA alternates which group plays in the Winter 5-7pm slot, the slot most affected by the cherry blossoms (in Winter 2014, the higher-ranked players played from 5-7pm).

Beginning August 28, players will have one week to submit play and off-date requests through the stats and scheduling database, until 6:59pm EST on September 2.  We will attempt to accommodate all preferences but cannot guarantee particular play dates.  We also will attempt to schedule together similar skill levels to minimize mismatches.  The league schedules will be released September 3, two weeks in advance of play beginning on September 16.

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