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Registration opens Tuesday, June 22 at 9:00 am and closes, Saturday, June 26 (or when the league sells out, which ever occurs first).

The 2021 summer season will begin May 21, 2021 and end September 12, 2021.  All leagues are open to members of all skill levels unless a skill level is specified.  Summer leagues are played outdoors at the Rock Creek Tennis Center, indoor and outdoors at the East Potomac Tennis Center (Hains Point) in Washington DC, and Indoors at the Fairfax Racquet Club.  If play is cancelled due to weather, CTA will arrange for refunds at the end of the season per the Inclement Weather Policy.

Follow the links below to read more about these leagues.

  • Monday Hains Point C/D Doubles (Sold Out) Waitlist
  • Tuesday Hains Point Upper Level Doubles (18 weeks available) Register
  • Thursday Hains Point Mid-Level Singles (Sold Out) Waitlist
  • Friday Hains Point Lower Level Singles (Sold Out) Waitlist
  • Saturday Hains Point Clay Singles (Sold Out) Waitlist
  • Sunday Hains Point Lower Level Indoor Doubles (16 weeks available) Register
  • Sunday Hains Point Upper Level Indoor Doubles (Sold Out) Waitlist
  • Saturday Fairfax Indoor Doubles (Sold Out) 
  • Friday Rock Creek Singles (Sold Out) 
  • Saturday Rock Creek Singles (Sold Out) 
  • Saturday Rock Creek Clay Doubles (Sold Out) 
  • Sunday Rock Creek Doubles (Sold Out) 

Beginning Saturday, June 26 (or earlier if the league sells out fast), players will have ONLY 48 HOURS until Monday, June 28 to submit schedule requests through the stats and scheduling database. We will attempt to accommodate all preferences but cannot guarantee particular play dates. We will also attempt to schedule together similar skill levels to minimize mismatches.

The league schedules will be released Tuesday, June 29.

*updated 9:00am, June 25, 2021

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CTA is part of the Gay & Lesbian Tennis Alliance, the United States Tennis Association, and a member of Team DC. CTA is a 501(c)(4) organization and not a charitable organization. Any payment to CTA, including membership, league, and other participation fees, is not tax deductible.

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