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We are pleased to announce that this year's Atlantic Cup Tournament will take place in Philadelphia, PA, at the University of Pennsylvania Tennis Center over the weekend of October 1-2. This is an outdoor, hard court tournament.

In case you aren't familiar with Atlantic Cup, it's like the Davis or Billie Jean King Cup of the east coast. Each year, teams from DC, Boston, New York and Philadelphia gather for a weekend of competition to determine who takes home the coveted Atlantic Cup. DC is the reigning champion, winning 5 out of the last 6 tournaments. We seek to shall claim our 6th title in 7 years in Philly!

We need a vibrant group of players to represent Washington against our Northeastern sister cities. Specifically, we need a field composed of 4 singles players and 2 doubles teams for each division (Open, A, B, C, D). Everyone plays two matches for each event they are chosen for, one match Saturday and one match Sunday.

The weekend schedule is usually:

  • Friday evening: Everyone arrives; possibly a team dinner together

  • Saturday: Matches from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  • Sunday afternoon: Matches begin at 9 a.m. with a hard stop at 5 p.m.; everyone departs


1. Please note that there are fees associated with playing. CTA generously makes a donation to offset costs, but the players are expected to pick up the rest. This may be up to $50-75 per person. We also usually purchase team shirts, which are not included in the aforementioned fees (they are around ~$15-20 per shirt).

2. Also, you are responsible for your own transportation and lodging.

3. We make every attempt to fit as many players as possible onto our team. When replying, please let us know if you would like to play SINGLES or DOUBLES.

4. If we get numerous people wanting to play in a given division, we will look at CAPERS ratings, GLTA ratings/rankings and previous tournament results when choosing the team. Preference may be given to those who have helped us win the trophy previously.

If you are interested in playing in the tournament, please reply to to let us know.

Come, have fun, cheer on your teammates, play your best and help keep the Cup here in DC--right where it belongs. :)

Let's go DC!!!
Rob Treadway and Norris Sam
DC Atlantic Cup Co-Captains

The Davis/Billie Jean King Cup of the East Coast!

Each fall, teams from DC, Boston, New York, and Philadelphia gather for a weekend of competition to determine who takes home the coveted Atlantic Cup:  Capital Tennis Association from DC, Tennis4All from Boston, Philadelphia Liberty Tennis Association from Philadelphia, Metropolitan Tennis Group from New York.

About Atlantic Cup

Atlantic Cup typically kicks off with a welcome/draw party for the players on Friday, matches played Saturday and Sunday (lunch provided), and a trophy presentation Sunday afternoon. Teams are composed of all ability levels (GLTA Open, A, B, C, D) for singles and doubles competition. Players are responsible for their own lodging, food, and travel expenses. Each city's team contributes $2500 to the event (covers court fees, giveaways, water, lunch, and other refreshments), the majority of which has been covered by a budgeted contribution from CTA operating funds.


Atlantic Cup 2021 (Champions, pictured above). DC hosted this year's Atlantic Cup at Rock Creek Park Tennis Center on October 9-10. Returning co-captains Rob Treadway and Norris Sam led the squad to reclaim the Cup for DC. Results - DC: 45(!), Boston: 32, Philly: 27, NYC: 16.

Atlantic Cup 2020. Not played due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Atlantic Cup 2019. Hosted by Boston at the Harvard University Beren Tennis Center in Cambridge, MA, over Columbus Day weekend in October. Boston captured the crown. The team co-captains were Rob Treadway and Norris Sam.

Atlantic Cup 2018 (Champions). New York City hosted this year's event on October 6-7 at the Cary Leeds Tennis Center in the Bronx. 4-time returning captain Rob Treadway led DC to a record FOURTH consecutive victory! Boston will host the Atlantic Cup in 2019. Results: DC 32, Boston: 23, NYC: 21, and Philly: 20.

Atlantic Cup 2017 (Champions). Philly hosted this year's Atlantic Cup at the University of Pennsylvania Tennis Center on October 7-8. Led by 3-time captain Rob Treadway, his squad edged out the competition to keep the Cup in DC for a 3rd consecutive year. NYC will host the Atlantic Cup event in 2018. Results - DC: 29, NYC: 24, Philly: 22, and Boston: 21.

Atlantic Cup 2016 (Champions). DC hosted this year's Atlantic Cup at the new Southeast Tennis & Learning Center on July 23-24. Returning captain Rob Treadway led his squad to an impressive 37-20 win and keeps the Cup in DC for another year until the event heads to Philly.

Atlantic Cup 2015 (Champions). Hosted by New York August 1-2 at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. Team DC captured the cup; the team captain was Rob Treadway. Results: DC: 32, Boston: 31, Philadelphia: 20, New York: 12.

Atlantic Cup 2014. Not played due to the Gay Games taking place over the summer in Cleveland, Ohio

Atlantic Cup 2013. Hosted by Boston at the Winchester Indoor Tennis Club in Winchester MA from August 11-12.  Boston captured the crown with 44 match wins, followed by DC with 24 match wins. The team captain was Bruce Henshel.

Atlantic Cup 2012 (Champions). Hosted by DC at Hains Point Tennis Center, co-captains Anthony Phuong and Tom Leistner led DC to victory in the Atlantic Cup's 20th Anniversary! 

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