Q. What is league play?

A. Consisting of organized tennis on a weekly basis, CTA league play takes place at specified locations with CTA members who have registered and paid to participate in a league. Singles and doubles leagues are open to players of all levels, although occasionally -- based on interest expressed by the membership or as determined by the CTA Commissioner -- certain leagues may be tailored for a specific level(s) of players.

Q. How can I play in a league?

A. There are three ways to play in a league. First, if you want guaranteed play on a regular basis, you can join a league prior to the start of a season. Everyone is notified about league registration, which is done at a designated time (usually a weeknight) on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost for each league varies and depends on the number of players in the league, the location, and the number of times the league will play during a season.

Second, if you have not joined a league, you can substitute for free for anyone requesting a substitute through the CTASubs list serve (email group). If you agree to sub, you are obliged to play or, if you cannot, to find yourself a sub. Failure to do so will result in forfeiting future opportunities to sub.

Third, a small number of leagues allow for "walk-up" play. Any CTA member can show up and play for a small fee. Walk-up spots are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, usually via email to the CTALeagues list serve (email group).

Q. Do I need to have a doubles partner for doubles leagues and do I need to bring tennis balls to league matches?

A. No and no. CTA doubles leagues are not played in a team doubles format; you play one set with each of the other players in your foursome.  And CTA provides tennis balls for all league matches -- singles and doubles.

Q. Am I eligible to substitute or walk-up in a league even though I haven’t registered for that league?

A. Yes, as long as you have a current and valid CTA membership, you are eligible to substitute or walk-up in any league.

Q. When I play in a league, will I be put on the court with players of a comparable level?

A. Yes, that’s the idea. League coordinators decide who will play on which court. CTA uses a CAPERS rating based on games won/lost for all members playing in leagues, and league coordinators make court assignments based on these statistics. If you are new or don't have any stats, the league coordinator will match you with player(s) of comparable skill level.

While leagues keep tabs of match results, the bottom line of CTA play is to have fun and build rapport with other CTA members.

Q. How can I volunteer with CTA?

A. Let any Board member know what you're interested in. Regular calls for volunteers go out through the website and via email; all you’ll need to do is respond to the invitation.

Q. Whom do I contact if I have a question about CTA?

A. Contact any Board member using this link.

Q. How can I find someone in CTA who might be interested in playing some non-league tennis?

A. You can either search the Member directory or join the CTAChat list serve (email group) to ask for a hitting partner. The Hitting Partner Program pairs new members with current members for casual practice opportunities. Dozens and dozens of CTA members have become good friends through tennis outside of CTA league play.

Q. Does CTA offer tennis lessons?

A. CTA is not set up to offer lessons, but for several years we have had a series of drill sessions offered to players of all levels. These drill sessions usually take place in the Spring and Summer, leading up to the annual Capital Classic Tennis Tournament in September.

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