The CTA Board is an eight-member elected and appointed body that organizes, coordinates, and oversees tennis and tennis-related events for CTA's 400+ members. The Board meets bimonthly; all members in good standing are invited to attend the meetings.


 Rudy Lopez

 Vice President of Membership

 Jeffrey Ingalls

 Vice President of Operations

 Andy Crooks


 Steven Davis

 Social Director

 Tee Casubuan


 George Wang

 *League Commissioner

 Rick Beckman

 *Capital Classic Directors

 Stephen Gilson and Matt Feinberg

* denotes a position appointed to the Board


The following are the elected positions for the Board of Directors:

  • President - The president provides general oversight of all CTA activities and is, at the end of the day, responsible for all of CTA's activities. 
  • Vice President of Membership - The vice president of membership oversees membership activities such as Pride events and other outreach activities, manages membership applications and renewals through the Web site, maintains the membership directory, ensures members have access to the website and Google Group listservs, manages the listservs, and ensures fees are timely paid. 
  • Vice President of Operations - The vice president of operations oversees league guidelines and infractions, oversees the CTA Championships, and assists the league commissioner and the Capital Classic Tournament director in performing their duties. 
  • Secretary - The secretary is the custodian of the organization's non-financial documents and is responsible for maintaining board meeting minutes, including maintaining documents on the CTA website. The secretary also oversees communications for the organization.
  • Social Director - The social director coordinates happy hours, events with other organizations, and other outings. The social director also plans the annual spring social and holiday party. 
The appointed positions (which are made by the President and approved by the Board) are:
  • Treasurer - The treasurer manages CTA's funds and financial records. Anyone interested in serving as the treasurer should have at least two (2) years of relevant financial experience.
  • League Commissioner - The league commissioner ensures the smooth planning and operation of CTA's leagues, schedules, and registration periods. 
  • Capital Classic Tournament Director - The Cap Classic tournament director is responsible for all aspects of organizing and operating the CC tournament (from finances to registration to the banquet, etc.)

Please review the CTA Bylaws for full descriptions of each board position.

Volunteering on the board is a great way to meet members and help direct the future of the organization. Depending on your role, you might spend 5-10 hours per month plus a meeting every other month.


Board nominations and elections happen every year in November and December, respectively.

The CTA Nominations Committee administers the Board nominations and elections.  The members of the CTA Nominations Committee for 2024 were Bruce Henshel, Ellis Duncan, and Patrick French.  You may contact the committee at

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