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CTA communicates with its members through several media:  this website, Facebook, Yahoo! listserv email groups, and board meetings.

CTA emails go out to members through 4 listservs:

CTA Members.  Used by the CTA Board to send out important membership information.  Required for all members.

CTA Leagues Used by CTA league coordinators to communicate league rosters and other league information.  Required for all members participating in an active league.

CTA Subs.  Used by CTA members to request subs for active leagues.  This is a great opportunity for new members to check out a league and meet other members.

CTA Chat.  Used by CTA members to share and discuss all non-sub information, including requests for hitting partners. 

To subscribe to a listserv, you must be a CTA member. Send an email from your CTA-registered email address to the applicable address/es below.  If you aren't receiving a response, check your spam filter.  You are subscribed when you receive a welcome email from Yahoo Groups.

To unsubscribe from a listserv, send a blank email from your registered address to the applicable address below:

Additional listserv notes:

- Each listserv email you receive contains hyperlinks you can use to manage your subscription or you can login to Yahoo Groups on the web.

- You can only subscribe to the listserv with a single email address, and it must match the email you use on the CTA website.  This allows us to verify that you are a paid member.

- Messages are sent to everyone on the listserv except the sender.  If you want to receive your email, add yourself as a bcc or login to Yahoo Groups on the web to see confirmation.

- Some members have had to send more than one -subscribe request before they are accepted by the system. You are subscribed when you receive a welcome email from Yahoo Groups.

Additional listserv questions?

Contact the CTA Membership Director.

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CTA is part of the Gay & Lesbian Tennis Alliance, the United States Tennis Association, and a member of Team DC.

CTA is a 501(c)(4) organization and not a charitable organization. Any payment to CTA, including membership, league, and other participation fees, is not tax deductible.

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