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We're proud to offer the CTA Mentor Program, which pairs veteran CTA members with new members. While one of the benefits of CTA is its robust programming and league structure, it can be a little overwhelming to learn the ropes as a new member. That's why we created the Mentor Program so that new members have someone they can easily turn to as they navigate our year-round offerings of leagues, social events, and tournaments.

Our Mentor Program would not be possible without our wonderful veteran members! If you've been wanting to get involved and give back to CTA, now's your chance to make a difference! We've outlined the specifics and details of the program below. So if you're interested in being a positive influence for new and incoming members while offering an experience they deserve, please consider becoming a mentor today. Contact our Social Director to get involved.

What's the goal of the Mentor Program?
To make new members feel welcomed in our CTA Family and to provide a central point of contact for questions pertaining to CTA activities. Overall, we want to alleviate any fears a new recruit may have about how CTA operates. The focus should be to provide the opportunity/option for new members to get involved with CTA, if they choose to do so.

What does it take to be a Mentor? Am I qualified?
Any CTA member in good standing who knows the culture of CTA from leagues to socials can serve as a mentor. You're not expected to know everything, however general knowledge of (but not limited to) leagues/registration, the substitution policy, tournaments, CTA listservs, and an overall concept of the social calendar and events is strongly encouraged. 

How does a new member get assigned to a mentor?
The Mentor program is purely voluntary. All new members can elect to participate in the Mentor Program and be a mentee if they desire, but it will not be mandatory. Unfortunately, we'll be unable to designate which new members are assigned to any specific mentor. Be mindful that you're going to be a mentee's go-to contact for all questions or concerns relating to CTA without prejudice or discrimination.
Do I have to assess a mentee's skill level?
You're not required to hit with a mentee (you can if you like), but they may have questions or concerns about what leagues to sign up for or which division they should enter (in case of tournaments, for example). In these instances, it's best to find out as much information about a mentee's tennis experience to recommend a suitable fit for their skill level.

What is a Mentor NOT responsible for?
As mentioned above, you are not required to set up a play date with a mentee. Additionally, while you're expected to provide assistance and support with the following, you're not obligated to:
  • Register a mentee for leagues on their behalf
  • Teach a mentee how to play tennis
  • Find a mentee a substitute for leagues
  • Logging a mentee into the CTA website on their behalf
  • Signing up a mentee for tournaments on their behalf
  • Giving a mentee rides to CTA events and/or leagues, and
  • Anything outside the realm of reasonable guidance on CTA
How much time do I have to commit as a CTA Mentor?
It will likely vary depending on your mentee and their concerns. We don't expect there to be too much of a time commitment required on your part. The expectation is that as a mentor, you'll be acting as a "big brother/sister," steering your mentee in the right direction. However, you may provide as much outreach and assistance as you wish (or maybe even strike up a great connection while doing so).

Okay, I'm sold. How do I become a Mentor and what's the next step?
Very simple. You may contact CTA's Social Director (or any friendly board member) expressing your interest. We'll kick off your first connection with a new member, but from there, you may engage however you deem appropriate or necessary. We'll modify the program through lessons learned and feedback we receive from new members and the mentors.
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