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Dear CTA,

A couple of quick updates for you:

  • Our DC-area tennis facilities remain closed.  We have not received any word from them on when they plan to reopen.  Therefore, CTA summer leagues remain postponed until further notice.  As previously mentioned, there will probably be some lag time between our facilities reopening and our leagues starting up in order to ensure compliance with any modifications and safety precautions we may need to take in accordance with whatever guidance available at the time.  Thanks again for your patience.
  • Additionally, our In-House Doubles Tournament (originally scheduled for early June) joins our Singles Tournament's status as postponed until further notice.
  • CTA's listservs will soon be migrating from Yahoo Groups to Google Groups!  Look out for an email later this evening for more details.
  • Team DC's Night of Champions Dinner 2020 has been cancelled.  This year's honorees, which includes our very own Chris Miller, will be honored at next year's dinner instead.  More to come.
  • Capital Pride recently announced Pride 2020 Reimagined which will feature a series of virtual events and a "Pridemobile and Rainbow Blast" next month.  Intrigued?  So am I.  Keep your eye on for more details.

Take care, stay well, and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend everyone!


Isidro Mariscal
President, Capital Tennis Association |

Note: Any payment to CTA, as CTA is organized as a 501(c)(4) organization, is not tax deductible because CTA is not considered to be a charitable organization.  This includes membership fees, league and other participation fees (e.g., drill sessions, ladders, CTA social events).

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CTA is part of the Gay & Lesbian Tennis Alliance, the United States Tennis Association, and a member of Team DC. CTA is a 501(c)(4) organization and not a charitable organization. Any payment to CTA, including membership, league, and other participation fees, is not tax deductible.

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